Comptes rendus / Book reviews

Comptes rendus  [Book Reviews]

C. Barraud, A. Itéanu & I. Moya, Puissance et impuissance de la valeur. L'anthroplogie comparative de Louis Dumont. Paris, CNRS Ed. , 2016, in L'Homme, 225, 2018, pp. 199-226.

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Subhadra Channa, The Inner and Outer Selves: Cosmology, Gender and Ecology at the Himalayan Borders (Oup, 2013), Review published under the title : “Shifting Identities among High-Altitude Border People", The Book Review, vol. XXXVIII, n°9, pp. 9-10, September, 2014.

Ben Campbell, Living Between Juniper and Palm. Nature, Culture, and Power in the Himalaya (Oup, 2012), review published under the title : "Nature vs. Culture in Changing Himalayan Societies", in The Book Review (Delhi), South Asia, vol. XXXVIII, n°2, February 2014, pp. 41-42.

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